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Pennies 4 Paws Program

The Pennies 4 Paws Program is a fundraising activity that directly supports The Gift of Sunshine. Groups and organizations can participate in a variety of ways. They can have fun in the traditional way by bringing in and collecting spare change or they can come up with other creative ideas on raising money. Schools can organize "thons" with sponsorships to raise money. One of our local middle schools even held a dance-a-thon! The possibilities are almost endless!

Participating schools, groups and organizations can bring in their spare change during an established campaign time (usually one to several months). At the end of the campaign, the change is converted and a check is given to TGOS. We award the participating group or organization with a framed Certificate of Participation.

The Pennies 4 Paws program is a wonderful way to support The Gift of Sunshine. It can help foster altruism and social responsibility among those schools, groups or organizations interested in providing community service support. It's a great way for kids to learn about disabilities and how our recipients are able to remain independent with the help of an Assistance dog. There is no minimum amount of money required to participate in the program. The Gift of Sunshine appreciates all our Pennies 4 Paws groups! This program is open to any group, school or organization.

The money raised from the Pennies 4 Paws program will go directly towards The Hope Chest and Gandalf Fund.

For more information about our Pennies 4 Paws Program, contact The Gift of Sunshine by e-mail or call (610) 554-8725.