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Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer FAQ

How can I volunteer to help TGOS?

TGOS is a volunteer based organization that is funded primarily through donations. We rely on the support of volunteers to help with fundraisers and events to increase public awareness and education. We need volunteers to distribute donation cans to businesses and veterinary clinics.

I have a service dog from another organization. Can I help?

If your service dog provider is not listed as a participant in our Partner Program, please direct them to our website to learn about The Hope Chest fund and Partner Program.

I have a certified therapy dog, is there a way that I can help?

We would be happy to have you and your therapy dog join us with Meet & Greets to help us spread the word about TGOS.

Service Dog FAQ

Will TGOS train my dog to be an assistance dog?

No, TGOS does not provide training to individuals and their dogs. We will certify a dog that is owner trained, provided the dog and handler meet our requirements for certification and pass a Public Access Test as established by Assistance Dogs International (ADI).

Where can I obtain a trained service dog?

We recommend that you contact the Delta Society, a wonderful organization that provides a listing of service dog trainers and organizations to locate one that best suits your needs.

Therapy Dog FAQ

How do I get my dog certified to do therapy visitations?

TGOS provides training for therapy dogs and their handlers. Please visit our Therapy Dog Program page for further information.

Will TGOS certify any other type of animal for therapy visitations?

No, TGOS only certifies dogs for therapy at this time.

Does TGOS provide liability insurance for the dogs that complete its Therapy Dog Program?

We are currently in the process of adding the dogs that complete our Therapy Dog Program to our Liability Insurance, but at this time a therapy dog is covered under its owners Homeowners Insurance plan. We recommend that you check with your insurance agent for details.

How old does my dog have to be to do therapy?

We will consider each dog on an individual basis, but in general, most dogs are not ready to begin training prior to 6 months old.

Hope Chest FAQ

The school that I am getting my assistance dog from is not listed as a Partner Program, can I still get funding?

Contact the school directly and request that they complete the application. We are updating our list of Partner Programs on a regular basis.

How long does it take to receive the money?

TGOS will send the funds directly to the school at the successful completion of your team training.

What if the maximum amount of assistance does not cover the entire cost of my dog?

You will need to discuss alternative sources of funding directly with the school from which you are obtaining your service dog.

Gandalf Fund FAQ

I have a therapy dog that needs surgery; can I apply for assistance from the Gandalf Fund?

No, the Gandalf Fund can only provide financial assistance for working or retired service dogs that have been trained to assist a person with a disability.

If I receive money from the Gandalf Fund; do I need to pay it back?

No, you are not required to pay back any of the funds that you receive from the Gandalf Fund. If, however, you are able to make a donation in the future, it would be greatly appreciated.

How many times am I able to receive support from the Gandalf Fund?

The Gandalf Fund will pay a lifetime maximum of $2500 per dog.

I am not sure that my dog will be able to continue working as my service dog after surgery/treatment, am I still eligible for assistance?

Yes. The purpose of the Gandalf Fund is to help alleviate some of the financial hardship that accompanies catastrophic illness or injuries, not to determine the dog's quality of life or ability to continue working.