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The Gandalf Fund

Gandalf with child

The Gandalf Fund was established in memory of Gandalf, the Great Dane who served The Gift of Sunshine honorably in the areas of Public Relations, therapy settings and educational events until his untimely death in January 2010 from osteosarcoma. He was a wonderful ambassador for TGOS as a demo dog for our Parkinson's Walker Dog Program. His giant stature paled in comparison to his gentle nature. He is missed greatly by all who loved him.

The Gandalf Fund provides financial assistance for working and retired assistance dogs in the event of catastrophic illness or accidental injury. Gandalf at TGOS event Catastrophic illness is defined as an acute or prolonged illness usually considered to be life threatening or present the risk of serious residual disability, including, but not limited to cancer, kidney disease, gastric volvulus (bloat) and liver disease.

The Gandalf Fund will pay a lifetime maximum of $2,500 per dog.

If you are interested in applying for assistance from the Gandalf Fund, please complete the Gandalf Fund Application. Requests for financial assistance will be processed in the order in which they are received. Requests will continue to be processed as long as TGOS has the funds to cover the requests.

Gandalf as a puppy

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