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The Hope Chest

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The Hope Chest provides financial assistance to individuals with disabilities to help cover the cost of obtaining a trained assistance dog. Although there are many organizations that will provide a trained dog at no charge, there are many more who do charge a fee. TGOS understands that while many people can afford to care for a dog, the initial fee may present a hardship. The goal of the Hope Chest is to help alleviate this hardship.

Gandalf touching foot

The Hope Chest will pay a one time maximum of $2,000.00 to a participating Partner Program upon completion of team training.

If you are interested in applying for assistance from the Hope Chest, please contact the organization from which you will be obtaining your dog. If they are not already a Partner Program, encourage them to contact us. We will only accept requests for assistance directly from a participating Partner Program. The Hope Chest provides funding at no charge to the disabled person or Partner Program.

To see a list of our current Partner Program participants, click here.

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