4 Pack Baby Gates Wall Cups, Safety Wall Bumpers Guard Fit


【WALL DAMAGE-FREE】Baby Gate Wall Cups Protector: Wall protection Guard pads is distributed over a larger area. They designed to protect your walls, doors and stairways when baby or pet gates are mounted. Best replacement parts
【SIMPLE INSTALLATION】Baby Gates Wall Cups for pressure gates are extremely easy to install and remove. No tools required for installation. Only need to place the child safety gate wall cups between the pressure screws and the wall with your hands. The baby gate wall caps keep stable in place until you want to remove safety gates. No screws are required, they will not leave marks also. Our wall protection cup for pressure gate will give you much more peace of mind the usage.
【STABLE AND NON-SLIP】Baby Gate Wall Guard Make your Baby gates More Stable and do not failing over. Protection: Protect your walls, no Holes, fit with your baby gates, pet gates, dog gates
【MULTI-APPLICATION】 Baby Gate Parts Replacement Fit for all pressure Gates, including baby gates, pet gates, Walk through Extra Wide, Tall Safety Children Proof Gates With Door, Work with threaded Spindle Rods together
[ CIRCULAR WALL CUPS ] Please make sure you have purchased pressure gates for the wall cup, and Check doorway or baseboard can fit the wall cup. (Wall cups size: 2.35×2.35 inches)

4 Pack Baby Gate Wall Cups Protector More colors Choice Now.

4 Pack Baby Gate Wall Protection for Pressure Gates.

This 4 pack of pressure gate wall cups protectors from TonyDuck is designed specifically to protect your walls and other home finishes from holes, indentations, scuffs, paint chips, and other damage that can be caused by pressure mounted gates or general pressure rods (curtain rods, shower curtain rods, etc).

These wall protection cups work by spreading out the pressure applied to your wall over a wider surface area, diffusing the pressure against the soft rubber-like backing of the wall cups.

Why you need TonyDuck Wall Protection Cups

1. Keeps your gate more secure

With these as added wall cups protector for support the little fart can’t pull it down anymore. Keeps the gate more secure and protects the wall! A must have for anyone that has a pressure gate!!!!

2. Fills the little space that you can’t do with extensions!!

With Wall Cups Protector, they filled the small space and the gate fits just right that the lock works fine now.

3.Highly recommend to protect your walls (and help keep gate in place)

These work perfectly. They were easy to put up and they make the baby gate at the bottom of our staircase more secure. We have a toddler who likes to pull on the baby gate and it used to slowly slide and need to be adjusted fairly often. We haven’t had that issue since getting these wall protection cups.

4. Great wall cups for shower rod/baby gates

This is really an awesome pressure wall cups protectors. It work for baby/pet gates, also work well for shower rods.


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